Preparing for A Weather Emergency

As we brace cold, wet, and potentially dangerous winter weather, here are some safety tips for preparing ahead of time for these types of hazardous conditions. Our biggest concern is a fear of being unprepared. Will I run out of food? What do I do if my power goes out? How can I get in contact with my family if we are separated when an emergency breaks out, such as severe weather?

The key here: be prepared. If you have a plan that you know you as a family or as an individual can implement when needed, it can ease the fear or even a later burden. RetireEASE Senior Services, has two top weather preparation tips you can follow to keep your elderly family member, neighbor, or yourself safe.

Pack An Emergency Kit

The first step to being prepared for a weather emergency is to have all proper supplies packed. Your first supplies you want to have handy is a first aid kit. If an injury was to occur because of severe weather or you have access to medical care temporality cut off, a first aid kit will be a first go-to. You can buy a prepackaged first aid kit or assemble one together yourself. Make sure you place this first aid kit in an accessible , safe location of your house.

Pack Canned Good or Non-Perishable Items that Would Last You a Few Days:

When the weather is good, make a list of non-perishable food items. Then take a trip to your local grocery store and buy these items in bulk that would last you a few days. Then, store these food items with your first aid kit. This way, your emergency items are all in one location. If you or your family or your elderly loved one should be stuck at home due to severe weather it can be vital to have accessible items until help can be reached.

Keeping these types of items in stock and having a tentative plan, can literally be a life saver later during a severe weather emergency.