Senior Adults and Driving Concerns

Home for the Holidays: Recognizing the Need for In-Home Senior Care in South Carolina

As the holiday season approaches, many adult children eagerly anticipate reuniting with their aging parents and loved ones in South Carolina. However, holiday visits can also offer valuable insights into the well-being of aging parents, especially if you live far away. This may be the first time in up to ...
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RetireEase In Home Senior Care Holiday Care Options 20 Years In Home Care for Seniors

RetireEase Celebrates National Home Care and Hospice Month: Compassionate Care for Everyone

In November, we celebrate National Home Care and Hospice Month. It's a special time to honor the amazing work of home care and hospice professionals who provide caring support to people in need. In this blog, we'll learn why home care and hospice services are important, discover the dedicated professionals ...
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Compassionate Care for Everyone at RetireEase

RetireEase Celebrates Caregivers During National Family Caregiver Month

November is a special month when we celebrate National Family Caregivers Month. RetireEase believes this is a time to show appreciation for the people who take care of their family members who are elderly, very sick, or have disabilities. These amazing caregivers give their time, energy, and help to their ...
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Walking Together Against Alzheimer’s: RetireEase Supports Our Community

RetireEase would like to encourage you to mark Saturday, October 21, 2023, as a very important day on your calendar. In the community of Columbia, SC, friends and families will come together in a powerful display of solidarity against Alzheimer’s disease. This significant event, sponsored by the Alzheimer's Association Walk ...
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Walk to End Alzheimer's blog

RetireEase Celebrates Long-Term Care Planning Month: Ensuring a Secure Future

Long-term care is a topic that often goes overlooked until it becomes an immediate concern. However, taking proactive steps to plan for the possibility of needing long-term care can provide peace of mind and financial security. In recognition of this important aspect of personal well-being, Long-Term Care Planning Month encourages ...
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Long-Term Care Planning Month

Activities of Daily Living: Assisting Seniors with In-Home Care

Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) involve daily tasks, such as dressing and brushing teeth. These activities can be divided into various categories. Personal hygiene Dressing Eating Maintaining continence Transferring/mobility These are all important abilities to maintain in order to take care of oneself and include being able to bathe/shower, groom, ...
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