March is Time To Thank Social Workers for National Social Worker Month

March is National Social Worker Month!  This month we take time to recognize the social workers who do such much amazing work for the seniors in our communities.  We often call on them for referrals for in our homecare business and help them locate the best solutions for a families of an elderly loved one. Social Workers can be the last stop for care for seniors who are transitioning to back to home from a severe fall, illness, or physical decline.

March: National Social Worker MonthThey have a huge responsibility to make critical choices in the path of health and wellness for elderly adults and coordinate all the moving parts to insure the patients goals are being met on the path to recovery and beyond.  It means hours of listening to families stories, calling doctors’ offices and nurses, arranging details in place, and bringing comfort in a role where the resources are very limited and often expensive.

Social Workers are expected to do all of this plus document every detail all while wearing a smiling face to reassure the uncertain family members.  Please take time to thank your social worker or take them a small token of your appreciation for all they do. Here is a great article from the National Association of Social Worker.