Where To Get Your Covid-19 Vaccine in Columbia, SC

The maze of locating providers and scheduling your Covid-19 vaccine in Columbia, SC can be daunting. Not only do you have to research places that are giving the vaccine, but getting scheduled for it using the providers’ scheduling tools can involve using computers, forms, and other scheduling tools.

RetireEase is here to help! Read below for who’s eligible and when they are eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine, where to go to locate a provider that is delivering the vaccine, and the vaccine types and possible side effects.

Covid-19 Vaccination Locations

Trying to figure out where to get the Covid-19 vaccine can be a chore. That’s why we are so glad to have located this handy tool from SC DHEC which lets you find locations based on your zip code.  This tool is a definite must-have for finding a location because of the vast number of locations offering the vaccine.

Visit the Covid-19 Vaccination tool here!

Who Can Get The Vaccine?

Are you wondering who is eligible currently for the Covid-19 Vaccine? The South Carolina DHEC website has detailed each phase of the vaccination process. Here’s what SC DHEC has to say “Everyone will have a chance to get the vaccine. However, the number of doses is currently limited in South Carolina like in all states. We ask everyone to please be patient, learn what phase you’re in and follow the guidance of our public health officials. This will allow public health officials to ensure those at highest risk and those who keep us alive are vaccinated first.”

You can view each of the phases of the process here.

Why Seniors Need To Get The Covid-19 Vaccine

Some people may become infected, but do not develop or show any symptoms. According to World Health Organization “…about 80% of people recover from the disease without needing any special treatment”.

As the pandemic rages on, it’s increasingly clear that widespread vaccination is essential to help contain it. Physical distancing, universal face coverings, and frequent handwashing are effective, however, these measures don’t work if they are not followed.

Seniors and those over age 65 are at high risk of obtaining the disease. For a more extensive list of who is in the high-risk category click here.

If you are over 65 you can schedule your vaccine now!

Covid-19 Vaccine Types

There are two types of the Covid-19 vaccine. There is the Moderna vaccine and the  Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Both Vaccines are similar in nature and SC DHEC states “There is no COVID-19 virus in vaccines. The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines help your body make antibodies to a protein on the virus surface, which allows your immune system to attack the virus and fight off severe illness if you are exposed.”

Don’t worry about the costs of obtaining the vaccine because DHEC also says “The federal government will cover the cost of the vaccine. There will be no out-of-pocket costs for the vaccine. Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurers will cover the cost of vaccine administration. It is possible that health care providers may charge an office visit fee, or a fee to administer the vaccine. Administrative costs for the vaccine for the uninsured will be covered by Health Resources and Services Administration.”

Side Effects From The Coronavirus Vaccine

In large clinical trials, most side effects have been minor. When side effects occur, they typically last just a few days. A side effect or reaction isn’t necessarily all bad because it may indicate that the body is building protection against the virus.

For the vaccines listed above, common side effects include

  • pain at the site of the injection
  • painful, swollen lymph nodes in the arm where the vaccine was injected
  • tiredness
  • headache
  • muscle or joint aches
  • nausea and vomiting
  • fever or chills.

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