Senior Care Minute

Join Steve Parrott of RetireEASE as he chats with guests and industry experts during the Senior Minute. Caring for an elderly loved one can be difficult, but you’re not alone. The Senior Minute was created to give caregivers hope and the practical help they need to navigate the challenges that come with caring for an elderly loved one.


Chamber Chats

This podcast tells the story of local Kershaw County Chamber members and occasionally shares some business information that is important to the Kershaw County community. This podcast is a program of the Kershaw County Chamber of Commerce, South Carolina, and focuses on our amazing business leaders and their commitment to this community.


Join the RetireEase podcast with special guests Andrew and Melody, as they explore essential topics in heart health and pulmonary services. Learn about preventive measures, primary care, and the various layers of cardiac treatment, including intervention options and comprehensive rehabilitation programs. Whether you're navigating a recent diagnosis or seeking to optimize heart health, this podcast provides invaluable insights to empower your journey towards holistic wellness.

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