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From the Senior’s Choice Connection

We will be using our blog site to update our clientele on articles from The Senior’s Choice Connection newsletter. Here below is the first […]

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Summer Heat Safety Tips for Seniors

As we hit the peak of the summer season, we are also seeing the peak of heat across the Midlands. South Carolina is […]

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Discount List for Seniors

Discounts List for Senior Citizens

Everyone loves a good discount. Whether it’s the “SALES” sign on the clothes rack at your favorite department store, or a coupon, people […]

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Tips to Keep Seniors out of the Hospital

3 Power Move to Keep Your Parents Out of the Hospital

“Americans have a love affair with hospitals.” Hospital personnel in a hallway Just take a look at all the fictional dramas that production […]

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Simplified Cellphone for Seniors

In today’s 21st century world, it is dangerous to not have a cellphone. If there is an emergency or someone finds themselves in […]

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Helping Seniors Learn And Enjoy New Technology

Huffington Post Seniors Currently we are living in a digital age that is fast-paced and always evolving. As soon as someone masters one […]

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How to find and choose a new doctor One struggle that many senior citizens and their parents or caregivers who look after them find, is picking a correct doctor. There […]

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Home Improvement Assistance Programs for Seniors

The summer seasons calls for more than just days of relaxation, but also days of work. Warmer weather may also mean dealing with […]

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Role of Older Workers(seniors) in Small Businesses

Benefits of Older American In the Workforce

Recently in an article in Huffington Post Small Business, columnist Linda P. Fried discusses the topic of the benefits of the older Americans/seniors […]

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Allergies 101

As the weather begins to transition into the warmer spring weather (thanks goodness!), there are also negative factors that come with the sunshine. […]

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Take Care of Your Kidneys

In a recent article in the Huffington Post Post 50 recurring column, Savvy Senior, a questioned was posed by a reader about kidney […]

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Preparing for A Weather Emergency

As we brace cold, wet, and potentially dangerous winter weather, here are some safety tips for preparing ahead of time for these types […]

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